The Bolognese

Bolognese are a highly intelligent, loyal and enterprising breed. They are very playful and play like puppies even into their late adult years. They can entertain themselves endlessly, inventing their own games. Many hours can pass easily when watching two Bolognese playing together. They desire to be an intricate part of your life and are very devoted to their family, forming strong, deep bonds. However, they are not an overbearing, intrusive breed. They can be somewhat reserved until they get to know you. That said, they are a social breed, enjoying meeting new people. Bolognese have sharp hearing and an extremely good memory (perhaps too good!!)

Bolognese are very trainable, very quick to learn. They are also a very tidy breed. If they want to go outside, they will let you know. They do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. They are not a yappy breed but they will bark to warn you of something, eg; someone knocking at your door.

They are a non-moulting, non-shedding breed, with no inherent health problems. They do require regular grooming, otherwise they will quickly develop mats. Once the grooming is kept on top of, it is ok. It doesn't take as long as it appears. 20 minutes or so, 2 - 3 times weekly should suffice. Also, because they are a non-shedding breed, they are suited to people with allergies.

They do love to go out with you on long walks but they are equally happy to go on a short walk or run around the garden.

The breed standard for Bolognese is issued by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and is from the country of origin, Italy. This is the 'blueprint' of the breed, what we should all aim to get as close as possible to when breeding.



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