I do not breed often, so puppies are occasionally available to approved homes only.  Before a puppy goes to its new home I like to meet the new owner, to get to know them and find out about the people that any of my puppies will live with and where they will live, to explain about grooming, feeding and general care. It is also important for the new owner to meet me and the puppy before it goes to its new home so that the new owner can see where the puppy was brought up and also to see its mother and father. I may ask for a reference. Any puppy going to a new home also goes with a lifetime of support and advise on the breed, help with grooming etc. However, if for some reason you find that during its lifetime you are not able to keep the puppy, I ask that you contact me to let me know and that the puppy is returned to me or if you feel you have found a suitable home for it, I ask that you contact me first to let me know and to check that I am in agreement.

I put a great deal of love, care and attention into my dogs and into any puppies that I breed, so I always want to ensure that any puppies leaving here to go to new homes, that they go to the best homes possible. I would also like for the new owners to keep in contact and to let me know how their Bolognese puppy is getting on throughout its life.

If you are looking for a Bolognese and you are interested in one from Vauboyen, please contact me!



In April 2011 Mina had 5 puppies (4 males & 1 female)


All puppies have gone to their new homes!

For serious enquiries please contact me.



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